Thank you!!!  

Encuentro Milonguero SF 2018!

Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful words of appreciation for Encuentro Milonguero SF 2018 - Jonathan y Olivia's fourth annual Encuentro in the San Francisco Bay Area.  A special thank you to those who shared your feelings with us in your emails!
Jonathan and Olivia are extremely grateful to our Encuentro photographer, Dale Bennett and also to Adrienne Yvr (Horton) who too additional pictures, capturing wonderful memories of Encuentro Milonguero SF 2018! which took place January 26-28, 2018 at the Masonic Lodge in Burlingame, CA.
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Hi Jonathan and Olivia
I want to add my voice to what I am sure is a chorus of praise for the SF Encuentro 2018.  The event was very fun with excellent music, many good dancers and amazing food and drink.  It was great to connect with old friends and make new ones on the dance floor.  I thought the venue and location were outstanding.  We really enjoyed the cafe's in the center of Burlingame and, for us, the sunshine was particularly welcome.  You are both extremely generous hosts and we thank you for including us.  We look forward to seeing you here in Port Townsend in May.  Thanks again and see you soon.

Another lovely and well organized Encuentro Milonguero!
Thank you, Jonathan and Olivia. Much appreciated!
Neri Trinidad
Jonathan and Olivia,
I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Encuentro.  The location was beautiful and the dance floor was perfect; smooth but not too slippery, comfortable for the hours we spent on it.  The music was excellent and kept Penelope and me dancing until La Cumparsita was played at each of the five Milongas.  I can only imagine how much work it is for you and Olivia to arrange all of this, especially since you cater beautiful dinners and supply a never-ending wine bar and snacks in addition to all the other organizing you do.  It is so nice for the participants to eat together.  It gives you a chance to meet most of the dancers and get to know them on a level you don't when you are busy dancing.  All in all, a great three days for Penelope and me.
We'll see you next year.
Andy and Penelope Gottlieb

Dear Jonathan and Olivia, You guys really outdid yourselves this year. Wonderful venue, nice mix dancers from myriad locales kept the cliques to a minimum, and classy as always. The DJ sets by Jonathan and Vincent were the highlight of the event.
Thanks again -- you've really set the bar for US encuentros...
Jeff Wallace.
Jonathan and Olivia,
Thank you so much for another wonderful encuentro weekend.  The new beautiful venue, classy neighborhood, great nearby restaurants, fantastic close embrace tango dancing, what a pleasure!

Jadwiga and I feel honored to be among your guests and thankful to be able to take part in your encuentro.  We really enjoyed the highly experienced participants and having time to socialize as well as dance.  Also,  we took all four of the workshops on Friday and learned, enjoyed and benefited from them all.  The exposure to each of the instructor couples perspective and teaching/ dancing styles was particularly insightful.
Best Regards,
Neil Alkan
Olivia and Jonathan-Wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for a fun and fulfilling tango weekend.  Everything was done with class and a wonderful mix of attendees.  Further thanks to all of your volunteers who worked so diligently to make our experience what it was.  All the DJ's did a wonderful job and music was great.  Thank you again and looking forward to the next one.
Warmest regards,
Norm Horii
Dear Jonathan and Olivia,
Thank you for hosting another super-terrific Enquentro weekend with your usual love and care for the participants.  How wonderful to dance to my favorite music in the embrace of leaders who appreciate the culture, the music, and the partnership. All thoughts of pacing myself went out the window!  Your hard work really paid off, and I'm sure everyone is looking forward to next year with great anticipation. Special thanks to your hard-working team and the awesome DJs!

Hi J&O, we already at home. 
We want to give a big thanks for this weekend, everything was great!
We enjoyed the Encuentro a lot, food, dances, friends! Awesome.





Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


Ever since my first Encuentro at Berkeley two years ago, I have been  inspired to attend every one I could find. All of them have been fabulous. But what truly distinguishes the venue that Jonathan and Olivia put on is that they provide meals throughout the three days. This means that we have the opportunity to connect with more dancers off the dance floor. That is certainly a welcome encounter. It must be a lot more work for the organizers. But it also works to make for a much more cohesive and cozy experience for those in attendance!


Jonathan and Olivia would make it big in the Hospitality business were they ever to venture forth. They pay attention to the smallest details (such as supplying Band-Aids and toothbrushes in the rest rooms!!!) As for the major details – the quality of the dance floor and the DJ’s, they sought to provide the dancers with the very best.

For all of this, I am immensely grateful! I feel so lucky to have such a rich experience available to me and others. Thank you.

Sara Melzer

We really appreciate your invitation and are looking forward to the next Encuentro!
Stay in touch and thanks a lot again.
Eva y Pablo
Dear Olivia & Jonathan,
WOW!!!!  You guys deserve a medal for all the organization and hard work you did to make this Encuentro run so smoothly.
I mentioned that my husband is a Chef and had a catering company which I helped him with so I know first hand how much work goes on behind the scene....AND to make it look effortless!  You did it!!!  You both looked so cool calm and collected.
I had a wonderful time with so many AMAZING tandas.  It is difficult to come back to reality.  I look forward to seeing you at many more functions.
Thank you for taking a chance on inviting a first timer.  I appreciate that it was a coveted spot.
Alexandra Kuncio
Happy Dancer!
Jonathan and Olivia; Thanks so much for allowing me this opportunity. You did a fantastic job organizing and executing this event. And what a lovely venue. It felt so much like BsAs walking up those polished terrazzo stairs with the portraits!

I know that people don't hesitate to come up and make "suggestions" during a weekend like this, and you remained calm and gracious throughout!
It will be a long long time before I get to dance that much and/or with that caliber of dancer, so again, let me express my gratitude! Best regards--Lu Ann

Hi Jonathan and Olivia,
I couldn't wait for the request for testimonials! I just want to thank you for an incredible weekend of high level milonguero style tango. I had a fantastic time. The music was incredible, the location perfect for the event, the food excellent, the crowd friendly and of the highest skill level of dancing, gender balance was great as well. Once again, thank you for putting together this event yearly. I hope you'll continue the tradition for a long, long time. 
Brenda Barcelo
Dear Olivia and Jonathan,
Thank you for the invitation to the SF Encuentro and for your welcoming hospitality.  The event was masterfully organized, to the smallest detail.  It was relaxed and very friendly.  We are very glad we came!
Warm huggs,
Andy and Olimpia
I wanted to say both Thank you and  Congratulations to you and your team for hosting such a wonderful event. I hope to see you and Olivia on the floor soon.
Chau! Kelly Doyle

Dear Jonathan and Olivia

Thank you so much for another very enjoyable Encuentro. It was such a pleasure to have so many wonderful tandas with new faces, and to reconnect with favorites from near and far. I know it it a huge effort to coordinate this event, and you both did an excellent job.

See you soon
Hi Jonathan y Olivia,

What a lovely event you provided to the tango community. The music was inspiring, the refreshments nourishing and I was completely worn out by Sunday afternoon.

Thanks so much,
Lyle Blake

Hello Jonathan and Olivia,
Thank you for putting together such a dynamic event!  Ben and I enjoyed it very much and hoping to make it next year. 
Hi Jonathan and Olivia,
Just a note to say congratulations on a very well run event. And thanks for having me as part of it. Good choice of cuisine ;-)
Wishing you success in future events!
All the best
Hi Jonathan and Olivia, 
Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in my abilities to DJ.  It has been a privilege to play music
 for such a knowledgable crowd in SF. The dancers spend money and time to be at these tango events
and I always put forth my best effort. Good luck on your future projects and see you soon on the dance floor.  

Hello Jonathan and Olivia,
Thank you for putting together such a dynamic event!
Ben and I enjoyed it very much and hoping to make it next year. 
Natalya Afanasyeva

Dear Olivia and Jonathan
I want to write and thank you for a really wonderful time at the Encuentro. This was my first and I came feeling somewhat intimidated, but it was made easy by you and the warm and friendly people that attended and the very kind and supportive volunteers.
I really enjoyed the food and collection of wines, especially the Dosa meal. The music was really wonderful and while all the DJs were great I was very fond of the musical selection by Vivian Kanstantakos. Really brilliant
I had a really good time, thank you so much.
Kind Regards
Martin Parks