Encuentro Poema                                             San Francisco Bay Area                                           January 27-29, 2023

Jonathan y Olivia Encuentro Organizers and Hosts are proud to announce their San Francisco Bay Area Encuentro location will take place in the beautiful historic GRAND BALLROOM at the Lake Merritt Dance Center Veterans Memorial Building located at 200 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610. The Grand Ballroom is reminiscent of Old World Craftsmanship that existed during the Golden Era of Tango, featuring a wonderful sound system, exquisite craftsmanship and Old World 4,000 sq.ft. hardwood flooring.


Encuentro Poema



Encuentro Poema is a private national invitational event for advanced-level like-minded tango milonguero style dancers who mindfully strive to maintain a sustained connection, a silent conversation, highest levels of consciousness, excellent navigational skills and adhere to the Codigos of Tango. We welcome those who are invited to enjoy three days of dancing, dining, and bonding over traditional tango music from the Golden Era of Tango, played by some of the best tango DJs internationally.

WHEN: Friday January 27, 2023 

6:00pm -- Sunday January 29, 2023 12:00am. Doors will open 30 minutes prior and close 30 minutes after each milonga.


WHAT: Five milongas featuring:

  • Five nationally renowned Encuentro DJs playing the best of Golden Era Tango.
  • Meet & Greet featuring pre-milonga Mediterranean Supper, tea time treats, Pellegrino, coffee and tea.
  • Pellegrino, spa water, coffee, tea and tea time treats served throughout the weekend
  • Authentic Argentine Empanadas served during our Saturday evening Gala Milonga. 


WHERE: Lake Merritt Dance Center Veterans Memorial Building Grand Ballroom located at 200 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610.

Note: Beverages not permitted in the Grand Ballroom. Food and beverages and Meet & Greet will take place in the Lounge Ballroom (across the hall from the Grand Ballroom). 


SEATING: Traditional seating for 150 Attendees - leaders and followers on opposite sides, couples and 50/50 dancers in the ends.


PARKING: Yes, lots of free parking on site


SECURITY: Yes, throughout the Encuentro


DJs: Jonathan Yamauchi, Ayano Yoneda, Vincent Lam, Kostas Aretos, and Glen Corteza.

Inquiries to: encuentropoema@proton.me

   Registration for “Encuentro Poema” San Francisco                         Bay Area is now open!

  • Send your $210 registration fee via PayPal to encuentropoema@proton.me.
  • Select the “Send Money to Friends Option” to avoid being assessed PayPal fees.
  • Provide your email address AND your partner’s email address if registering together.
  • Include the name of your City and State in the “notes” section of your PayPal remittance (name tags) and state whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or an omnivoire.
  • San Francisco Int'l airport is only 7 mins longer in drive time than Oakland airport to the Lake Merritt Dance Center. (Google Maps)


6:00pm – 7:30pm Meet & Greet at the
Lake Merritt Dance Center Veterans Memorial Building located at 200 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610, with Pellegrino, tea, coffee and Mediterranean supper.


Opening Night Milonga -- DJ Jonathan Yamauchi

8:00pm – 12:00am 

Pellegrino, tea, coffee, appetizers and fruit.


1:00pm – 5:00pm  

Matinee Milonga – DJ  Ayano Yoneda

Pellegrino, tea, coffee, appetizers and fruit.


8:00pm – 12:00am Gala Milonga –

DJ Vincent Lam

Pellegrino, tea, coffee, authentic Argentine empanadas.

1:00pm – 5:00pm Encuentro Matinee Milonga

DJ Kostas Aretos

Pellegrino, tea, coffee, appetizers and fruit.

8:00pm – 12:00am Closing Milonga, DJ Glen Corteza

Pellegrino, tea, coffee, appetizers, pies and cakes!





Less than 1 mile from the Lake Merritt Dance Center


The Moxy Oakland Downtown on 2225 Telegraph Avenue, is very "Hipster" and is Oakland's newest hotel. Check in at the bar and your first cocktail or latte is on them!

(about $143/night incl. taxes and fees)




is a straight shot (less than a mile) to the Lake Merritt Dance Center. Head down Broadway, turn left on 27th (near Whole Foods) just around the corner from the Lake Merritt Dance Center.

(about $143/night incl. taxes and fees)



  • Covid-19 policy: Proof of Covid-19 vaccination will be required at the door. Temperatures will be taken at the door and before every milonga. We will adhere to governmental policy prevailing at the time of our encuentro. By registering for Encuentro Poema, Attendee unconditionally holds Jonathan y Olivia harmless from any liability arising from or participating in Encuentro Poema.
  • Recommending other Attendees: If invited Attendees would like to refer fellow milongueros who have not received our invitation, and who would be good candidates for our Encuentro, we will consider admitting them based on your personal recommendation.
  • With the exception of the single follower policy referenced below, no refunds will be granted on or after December 1, 2022. 
  • Registration fees are non-transferable.
  • Single followers must register in order to be placed on a follower waitlist pending their or our ability to secure a skilled tango milonguero style leader prior to January 5, 2023. In the event a skilled tango milonguero style leader is not found by January 5, 2023, follower’s registration fee will be refunded or at follower's option, provided with a credit toward registration fees pertaining to Encuentro Santa Barbara 2023 or Wine Country Encuentro 2023. 
  • Please do not request confirmation of your PayPal payment unless you do not receive confirmation from PayPal that your payment has been made.
  • Note: Single followers who study privately with Jonathan y Olivia will be given preference in the registration process.
  • For refinement of your tango milonguero technique prior to the Encuentro, please contact Olivia for a private lesson at 650.834.5658.