"Experience the Best of the Golden Era Tango"



As a former classically trained flautist, a dancer of 30 years which includes over 20 years dancing tango milongueo style and having learned his tango in Buenos Aires, Jonathan is afforded an in-depth understanding of musicality and the transitional flow of energy between Argentine tango dancers.

As a full-time Argentine tango milonguero style teacher, performer, milonga and Encuentro organizer (with Olivia Levitt over the past 12 years), Jonathan has DJed in excess of 600 milongas at numerous venues including The Tango Meeting -- Tenerife, Spain, La Chula Milonga, San Miguel de Allende Mexico, and US-based encuentros such as Encuentro San Francisco, Port Townsend Encuentro, Pioneer Encuentro, Newport News Encuentro, and Wine Country Encuentro, focusing on the best songs from the Golden Era of tango.

Jonathan’s extensive DJing experience has allowed him to develop a highly attuned feel for the selection of the music, the energy of the dancers and the timing of the tandas — facilitating the silent conversation, the sustained connection and highest levels of consciousness between dancers.

Jonathan will be DJing at Encuentro San Francisco 2020 January 24-26, 2020, Vida Mia Encuentro Jan 31-Feb 2, in Tenerife, Spain, and Valentango in Portland Oregon, February 12-18, 2020.