Monthly Semi-Private Intensives at Allegro Ballroom!


Experience a private lesson environment in our monthly Semi-private classes at fraction of the cost of a private lesson!



Allegro Ballroom

5855 Christie AVenue

Emeryville, CA

Lots of Fee Parking



Semi-Private Lessons  (55 min)


Semi-Private classes on the 1st Saturday of every month limited to 6 dancers.


3:00pm All-levels essential tango milonguero technique


4:00pm Int/Adv level tango milonguero technique in the style of Carlos Gavito and Ricardo Vidort


Includes 2 instructors $25 (or $20 with $100 5-pak) plus $5 floor fee per student at Allegro Ballroom. 


Private Lessons (55 min) 

5:00pm - 8:00pm


Includes 2 instructors $120 plus $15 floor fee. See discounted packages for additional savings!



Private lesson rate: $120 per 55 minute lesson pluse $15 floor fee. Rate is same for one or both Jonathan and Olivia


Discounted Private Lesson Packages including floor fee:

  5-pak $575* --        Save 15%

10-pak $1,150** --   Save 20%

20-pak $2,150*** -- Save 23%


*    Package expires after 2 months

**  Package expires after 4 months

***Package expires after 8 months