Encuentro Milonguero Berkeley 2017!

 Organizers and Hosts: Jonathan Yamauchi and Olivia Levitt

Jonathan y Olivia wish to thank and express special gratitude to Dale Bennett for capturing the experience of Encuentro Milonguero Berkeley 2017 in the picture galleries below.


We would also like to thank and express gratitude to Adrienne Yvr (Horton) for capturing and sharing the Encuentro Milonguero Berkeley 2017 experience in her FB page (click FB icon below).

DJs! Christopher Nassopoulos, Steve Brady, Vincent Lam, Emilio Flores, Jeanne Castle

Meet & Greet  and Friday Dinner!

Friday Evening Milonga


Saturday Afternoon Milonga

Saturday Evening Dinner

Saturday Evening Milonga

Sunday Afternoon Milonga

Sunday Dinner (Dosas!)

Milonga Sunday Evening