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Photography by Dale Bennett


Encuentro San Francisco 2019!


Hosts: Jonathan y Olivia

Verdi Club San Francisco

DJs: Andy Stein, Jae Grisham, Jonathan Yamauchi, Jessica Schilling, Paul Akmajian

Friday Afternoon Opening Milonga


DJ: Andy Stein

Friday Afternoon Meet & Greet

Friday Evening Milonga


DJ: Jae Grisham

Friday Evening Mid-Milonga Empanadas

Saturday Afternoon Milonga


Jonathan Yamauchi

Saturday Evening Gala Milonga


DJ: Jessica Schlling

Sunday Closing Milonga


DJ: Paul Akmajian

Sunday Supper

Assistant Hosts/Helpers




Encuentro San Francisco 2019!  PICS!!!

Historic Verdi Club
2424 Mariposa St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Friday, January 25, 2019  1:00pm --
  Sunday, January 27, 2019 11:00pm

Encuentro Organizers and Hosts: Jonathan Yamauchi and Olivia Levitt

Encuentro San Francisco 2019! -- Jonathan and Olivia's 6th Annual National Invitational Role-Balanced Encuentro for advanced level Tango Milonguero dancers, will take place at the Historic Verdi Club in San Francisco. 

Encuentro Milonguero SF 2019! is a private national invitational event organized and hosted by tango milonguero dancers for advance level tango milonguero dancers* who strive to mindfully maintain good navigational skills and practice the codigos of tango. We welcome our invited attendees to enjoy three days of dancing, dining and bonding over traditional tango music from the Golden Era, played by some of the best DJs in the nation.

When: Fri-Sun January 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2019. 

What: Encuentro Milonguero SF 2019! featuring five milongas beginning with a 

Friday Matinee Milonga followed by a Meet & Greet with nigiri sushi ; Friday night empanada break during the evening milonga; 

Saturday afternoon tea time treats; Friday night empanada break during the evening milonga; 

Sunday Supper featuring Southern Indian Dosas from Udupi Palace (back by popular demand), desserts, coffee, tea, and Pelligrino; Lounge with light snacks, coffee, tea, and water served throughout the weekend. Open bar during each evening milongas and Sunday Supper. 

Where: Verdi Club 2424 Mariposa Street            San Francisco, CA 94110

Seating: Traditional seating - leaders and followers on opposite sides, couples and 50/50 dancers seated on side(s).
Visually impaired: We will reserve seating in front row center for those with a medically documented visual impairment. For those to whom this applies, please 
email us with a request to reserve visually impaired seating.
Tandas: DJ discretion 3 or 4 song tandas.

Andy Stein Virginia
Emilio Flores Buenos Aires
Jonathan Yamauchi San Francisco
Paul Akmajian Phoenix
Jessica Schilling Boston



1:00 -   4:00pm
6:00 -   7:30pm 
8:00 -   1:00am

Opening Matinee Milonga DJ: Andy Stein

Meet and greet w/sushi, tea. 

Milonga DJ: Emilio Flores


1:00 -   5:00pm
8:00 -   1:00am

Matinee Milonga: DJ: Jonathan Yamauchi
Milonga, DJ: Jessica Shilling



4:00 -    5:30pm
6:00 -  11:00pm

Sunday Supper

Closing Milonga DJ: Paul Akmajian


Jonathan y Olivia, organizers and hosts to Encuentro SF 2019! seek to preserve and promote the culture, philosophy, and dance form of traditional social tango developed throughout the Golden Age of Argentine Tango (1935-1952) that is still danced in the tango salons of Argentina today.


Encuentro Milonguero San Francisco 2019!