Encuentro Milonguero Bootcamp!


“Preparing for the Encuentros”


Jonathan y Olivia’s Tango Milonguero Encuentro Bootcamps contrast the difference between dancing close embrace tango salon and dancing tango milonguero style, distinguishing the technique and body mechanics for embracing and dancing on the forward axis, the connection, mindful presence, the walk, improvisational musicality, dancing in a very tight space, and practicing the Codigos of Tango.

There currently exist twelve Encuentros in the US, one Encuentro in Japan, and dozens of Encuentros in Europe.



What is an Encuentro?


Encuentros are private events whose invited guests attend from areas throughout the world to experience an extended weekend meeting and dancing tango milonguero style with new and old friends, connected at their metaphysical hearts in a sustained embrace, enjoying a silent conversation between two individuals at highest levels of consciousness.


Encuentros are often set up in a traditional milonga setting (leaders sitting on one side and followers sitting on the opposite side) where the codigos of tango are honored and practiced at all times. Music is played by world class tango DJs focused on playing the best music from the Golden Era of tango.



Transcendence in the Tango Milonguero Embrace?


One can witness a unique commonality when observing photos of dancers at an Encuentro. Their eyes are glossed over in a meditative state because they are focused internally on the connection and flow of energy between the two dancing as one.

For those who dance socially in a milonga who have a desire to experience highest levels of transcendence in their tango with other like-minded tango milonguero dancers.


Jonathan y Olivia help to facilitate an opportunity to dance with those who are personally invited to attend the Encuentros and enjoy dancing tango milonguero style throughout the Encuentro in a very small space with excellent musicality and navigation.



What an Encuentro is not...


At an Encuentro, you will not see or experience tango dancers who are in the “Hey, look at me phase of their tango path” (stage dancing, nuevo, and canned choreography with flashy open embrace moves, oftentimes poorly executed with bad technique and poor navigation, or feet leaving the floor causing high heels to cut others as it flings in the air–).



A word about Jonathan and Olivia


Jonathan and Olivia are nationally renown tango milonguero style dancers, teachers and organizers of Encuentro San Francisco Bay Area, Wine Country Encuentro and Encuentro New Orleans, offering tango milonguero Encuentro Bootcamps throughout the US and Europe to those who are already skilled tango salon dancers and to those who would like to learn or improve their tango milonguero technique, connection, embrace, and body mechanics while dancing with excellent navigation, musicality and walking technique in small tight spaces.


Jonathan y Olivia's Tango Milonguero Encuentro Bootcamp objective is to give you the keys to progress your tango milonguero technique to a level which will facilitate invitations and entrance to the Encuentros in the near future and/or increase the level of skill set of those seeking to improve their tango milonguero technique.

Encuentro Tango Milonguero Bootcamp Workshop Topics


THE CODIGOS OF TANGO: In this fun and interactive workshop, we will discuss the Structure of the Milonga, The Cabeceo and Mirada, Cabeceo tips, Mirada tips, Understanding the rules of the Floor, and Personal Hygiene.


MASTERING WALKING TECHNIQUE, EMBRACE AND CONNECTION IN THE TANGO MILONGUEOR STYLE: This workshop will focus on maintaining a sustained connection walking slowly while incorporating proper use of the rhomboid muscles to facilitate a comfortable, warm and sensual embrace throughout the dance, precisely matching stride while maintaining a consistent level of connection on the forward axis at the metaphysical heart. As the connection is perfected, couples will learn the technique to walk and dance connected on their forward axis, with and without an embrace (no hands or arms).


DANCING ON A TILE IN THE MILONGUERO EMBRACE I : In a crowded milonga, can you dance rhythmically to an entire song within the area of four tiles? Learn the technique to dancing in Central Buenos Aires milongas (or locally in a very tight space) which will empower you to develop a vocabulary that you can lead and follow with confidence in your next milonga.


DANCING ON A TILE IN THE MILONGUERO EMBRACE II: Progressing from “Dancing on a Tile in the Milonguero Embrace I” Variations on giros (including multiple giros) with and without suspension, with and without syncopation, with changes of direction, both linearly and circularly.


MUSICALITY FOR THE MILONGUERO: Combining Tango Milonguero Style technique dancing to the Beat (hard or soft, strong or weak, staccato or legato), dancing to the Rhythm (syncopation), dancing to the melody, and dancing to the singer as an instrument.


Mastering Navigation (lead and follow) in Tight Spaces: Learn technique to dancing under your pelvic floor, dancing in place when the line of the dance stops, rules of floor craft, and maintaining forward continuity in the line of the dance (becoming the milonguero or milonguera that everyone wants to follow in the line of the dance).

Next Tango Milonguero Encuentro Bootcamp

April 16-19, 2020



Thursday:  Meet and Greet 7:00-7:30 PM
Codigos Workshop 7:30-9:30
Friday:  Workshop 7:00-8:30 PM
Practica 8:30-10:30 PM
Saturday: Workshops 12:00-1:30 PM & 1:45-3:15 PM
Practica 3:15-5:15 PM
Milonga 8:30-11:30 PM
Sunday:  Workshops 12:00-1:30 PM & 1:45-3:15 PM
Practica 3:15-5:15 PM
Possible Crawfish Boil to follow!