Dear Jonathan & Olivia,


Thank you so much for creating an enchanting weekend of tango community activities. I really appreciate the effort you put into organizing these encuentro events. They enhance our connections & relationships with other like-minded dancers and give us the opportunity to follow & deepen our tango bliss. I'll be savoring the memories of your first Wine Country Encuentro for a long time to come. Thank you again for putting your hearts into making it all happen.


Warm regards,

Greg Frost



Jonathan and Olivia,


It is with great appreciation that I thank you both for creating such an extraordinary Encuentro. You wove a multitude of threads together--the music, food, venue--to ensure that your guests would enjoy a most splendid weekend together...and we did. This, my first Encuentro, was an experience I will never forget. Every tanda was a sparkler!  


Warm regards,

Gerry Hebert



Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


I would like to express my gratitude to you both for consistently putting on top-notch ENCUENTROS where everything is of the highest quality. I am in awe of your organizational abilities! This event was on par with the high quality of all the other events you organized. I most appreciated the terrific DJ’s all of whom were excellent. I particularly appreciated Andy’s projection of the names of the songs. That was special to me.

I also liked the venue. The room was wonderfully spacious. I liked being in Santa Rosa. It’s a cool place for an event. You exceeded all possible expectations, arranging for truly wonderful food.


As I have written on other occasions, you make each Encuentro a complete experience, taking care of so many of our needs – this makes your events truly special and memorable. Thank you for all the loving touches that you add.






Dear Jonathan and Olivia,

I really enjoyed your Encuentro Event! Very friendly and welcoming! Great experience with some beautiful tandas. My favorite DJs are Andy Stein, Jonathan Yamauchi, and Vincent Lam. I liked a big screen with music information on Friday milonga. It would be great to have the music screen at all milongas.


Maryana Grodnova



Hi Jonathan and Olivia


I very much enjoyed the wine country Encuentro. You did a fabulous job of putting it all together. The venue was wonderful for an Encuentro, and I hope you continue to have this Encuentro in the coming years. The energy was very friendly and welcoming, the venue was beautiful and just the right size. The music was splendid and I enjoyed every minute of the event. I appreciate all the loving effort you put into the elegant details and the ambiance you set.



Dyana Foldvary



Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


I can't tell you how much we enjoyed the Wine Country Encuentro last weekend!  This was our first Encuentro and we are looking forward to the next one. 


You took care of every detail with so much professionalism. It was quite impressive! I was especially grateful for your constant monitoring of the level of volume, lighting, and temperature of the room.


Providing and coordinating meals for such a large group was no easy task.

And there was always such a nice display of food and treats, and the endless flow of wine, and servers too! 


I especially appreciated DJ Andy Stein's display of the tandas and the song titles and orchestras. It's always good to know what you're listening to.


The whole event ran so smoothly and seamlessly. You thought of everything, and then some. Your efforts went above and beyond! Thank you for your generosity - and thank you for inviting me!


Noëlle Tinturin 



Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


It was another lovely event, as expected. Thank you so much for adding your warmth and hospitality to another well-organized Encuentro. What a pleasure to be able to participate!


With much appreciation,




Hi Jonathan and Olivia,


Congratulations on another great Encuentro, loved the music not to mention your generous offer of good wine. I wish I did not have an insured foot so that I could have danced many more followers!


Cheers, Claude Bigler



Dear Jonathan, Olivia, 


Thank you again so much for inviting me to your wonderful event! Everything was great: the music, the people, the food, the venue -- everything!


It was my first Encuentro out-of-town, and I must admit I came with a tiny little bit of apprehension. However, thanks to you, the volunteers, and the other people attending, I very quickly felt very comfortable, almost like home! 


I was, of course, very happy to meet both of you again, as well as a few other people, but I am especially grateful that I had the chance to meet other such wonderful people and get so many great tandas!


I hope to see you again in the near future at your next Encuentro.

Eric Fuchey



Melody and I both had a fabulous time, and the euphoric feeling of kindness and generosity is still with us.  The expertise and organization of you two and your great volunteer team made another tough show seem easy and natural.  Thank you!


Marcos Christodoulou



Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


Thank you both so much. I had such a wonderful experience ... I initially felt a bit awkward but you and your team made me feel welcomed. Thank you again both and I hope to see you soon!

With much appreciation 

Chieko Masaki



Thank you, Jonathan and Olivia! 


This was my first Encuentro experience and it was a journey of learning the etiquette and the amazement on how good all my partners were. I appreciate all the effort

and care you both took to create this event! I regret not telling you

in person at the time but frankly, I was consumed trying to figure out which lady was looking at me for the cabeceo!

Seriously, thank you for taking such good care of us!


Héctor Quevedo



Jonathan and Olivia,


Lovely event- thanks for the warm welcoming, atmosphere, the attention to detail- and special note of appreciation for all of the hard work of the volunteers.


April Davidoff




Hi Jonathan & Olivia,


Thanks for another wonderful weekend of dancing, delicious food and wine in a lovely venue! Karen and I enjoyed ourselves.


Paul Akmajian



Thank you, Jonathan and Olivia -- it was a divine weekend and everything was perfect. Some of my favorites were not there, but I met some new favorites! The food was just lovely -- empanadas, tamales, and sushi. Lots of good wine at each event. I am so grateful to be included and have so many wonderful memories.

All the best,
Debra Burnham



HI Jonathan and Olivia,


Well, a real pleasure with really nice dances with really nice dancers!


You did a wonderful job of organizing this event; it was just a pleasure being there.  It was fun reconnecting with dancers whom I had met at your SF Encuentro in January.  A very nice community of people.



Robert Leys



Hi Jonathan & Olivia,


Penelope and I had a wonderful time at the Wine Country Encuentro.  You guys outdid yourselves yet again. The facility was great, the music lovely, the food fabulous, the dancers were excellent, warm and friendly.


As you know, I came to the Encuentro with some trepidation because of my temporary disability due to shoulder surgery.  In other words, my embrace lacked a traditional left hand.  I didn't know how the followers would respond.  They were wonderful; accepting and encouraging.  So many lovely tandas...


We'll see you at your San Francisco Encuentro 2020.



Andy and Penelope Gottlieb 



Dear Olivia and Jonathan,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience your first Wine Country Encuentro!  What a beautiful venue and you made it your own and put your special touches on it through stellar organization and attention to all the details that make the dancing seamless and pleasurable.  That was evident in only one night!   Because of the family emergency that necessitated my return home after that first milonga, my memories will be bittersweet, knowing that I missed out on the rest of a surely beautiful tango weekend.  But savoring those tandas will make the anticipation of Wine Country Encuentro 2020 all the stronger.  I’m looking forward to it already!

With warm regards and hugs,
Linda Pryor



Dear Jonathan and Olivia

Just back from your awesome Encuentro and

As always I am blown away. 

All of it: The venue, the DJ’s, the treats, the lunch and yes, the wine. 

You make it look so easy. 


As always I admire your kindness and generosity. 

Great fun, great group of people. Looking forward to many more!


Thanks guys. 


Analía Reggio



Hi Jonathan y Olivia,


Congratulations because I ‘experienced’ new and higher levels of dance enjoyment and bliss in your Encuentro - and it seemed several dance partners were having similar experiences! For example, it was the first time that I ended a dance in such bliss that I did not really register fully that the dance had finished until my partner spoke that she was having a similar experience.  

The big and excellent floor was a luxury, and the overall layout is a lucky find too. I was happy to experience some new high levels of dance partners while making good bonds that will last a lifetime I’m sure. All this was possible thanks to your high level of organizing, and I’d add your deep understanding and appreciation for Milonguero style dancing and Encuentros. Maybe perfect is not possible, but nothing about your organizing detracted from the most near-perfect Encuentro I’ve experienced - in other words, it was because of your huge and complex organizing of the overall long weekend, along with your helpers - so muchos gracias to all,




Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


What an amazing and beautiful weekend you organized for Wine Country Encuentro 2019!  It was so much fun, and quite truly, an honor to be there -- both as a volunteer and of course, as an attendee.  


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your friends and the community of dancers who helped make the weekend so fulfilling -- and the DJs were fantastic! The variety of music and energy sustained magic throughout the entire Encuentro. 


I am very much looking forward to Encuentro San Francisco 2020 in January. Thank you so much for all you do for tango, and mostly, thank you for your friendships!



Michelle Baker