Wine Country Encuentro 2022! 


The Wine Country Encuentro from August 12 to 14, 2022 was a tango weekend unlike any I had ever experienced. From the first Milonga we, newcomers to milonguero encuentros, instantly felt embraced by this amazing community of tango aficionados. The outstanding organization of the event that included 4 excellent DJs, incredible food choices at each of the four Milongas catering to every dietary preference (even authentic Mexican tamales!), the excellent wines and beverages as well as the spacious venue itself made this an unforgettable weekend. 


Jonathan and Olivia created many opportunities for the participants to get to know one other from the preparation of name tags, to setting up a meet & greet session on the first evening, and finally hosting a delicious lunch for the entire group on the last day. All of this took a tremendous amount of time and planning. Our hosts also did an amazing job of recruiting volunteers who ensured that everything ran smoothly, the food and beverages were served and replenished, that clean up took place and that everyone had a great time.


Finally, I commend Jonathan and Olivia for their tiredness efforts in the weeks preceding the Encuentro to work with those of us requiring some additional instruction in the milonguero technique.


In short, my wife Sonya, our friend Jane Leung and I had the time of our lives and became true converts to milonguero encuentros. Going forward, for us, it will be “Siempre Milonguero Encuentros!”.  


Thank you Jonathan and Olivia for all that you did to  make the Wine Country Encuentro a truly memorable experience.


Mark Abrams



To Jonathan and Olivia,


A note of special thanks for another event well done. Music was great & everything was well organized for all of us.  A nice mix of dances made for a fun weekend.  


Thank you for having us. Stay safe & healthy till next time.






DearJonathan and Olivia,


Thank you both so much for all you did to make the most excellent weekend of dancing for all of us.  I especially appreciated all the wonderful food and beverages provided throughout all the milongas.  It enabled me to come early and stay late.  I'm still in a daze -- it was all just so perfect. 


Also I marvel at all the hoops you had to jump through to make last-minute arrangements; and then the lunch was also amazing.  Loved the venue and love, love, loved all the handsome and talented men I got to dance with.  I feel so lucky.


Just ... Thank you both for this opportunity.

I am just now going to sign up to be on the list for the January SF encuentro and in the meantime, I'll see you both soon, I hope.






Dear Jonathan & Olivia,


I had a great pleasure with Wine Country Encuentro 2022. This is my first time attending an Encuentro with excitement and curiosity, GREAT thanks for Jonathan & Olivia preparing me well to attend this event. Thank you for providing this great opportunity to let me get to know these highly skilled milonguero style dancers, and thanks for great wines, beverages, delicious healthy food, and the best music.


Best Regards,





Dear Jonathan and Olivia,
Many thanks for the Wine Country Encuentro.  We are so grateful to have been a part of it!

We felt welcome as soon as we arrived.  You had a great mix of friendly people who were lovely to dance with.  We were 100% happy with the DJs. Loved the music.  The Sunday lunch was so much fun and another great way to socialize.  You two are really good hosts.  We especially liked the way you graciously thanked your volunteers and helpers.  We thank you two in particular for all of the hard work it takes to make this happen.

Dos besos,
Dave and Liz Luba




Hello Jonathan and Olivia,


Thanks again for inviting me to your lovely event. I truly enjoyed my time, dancing and socializing with friends from the past. Everything was great!


Sending you love,





Testimonial from Yanaa Van Arsdale


Wine Country Encuentro 2022 was another success of joy, beauty, and connection.  Thank you Olivia and Jonathan for carefully crafting your event and attracting elegant milongueros who share passion and classical sophistication of the elite Tango.  (By the way, my favorite snack was watermelon, of course, lol!)  Great job by all means, as usual.



Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


The recent Wine Country Encuentro was a marvelous event.  Very well organized with plenty of finger food and beverages.  The Sunday luncheon was also a lovely event.


All of the DJs were first class and played music that constantly made me want to get up and dance!


With thanks and best wishes,


Peter Collins



Hello skillful tango dancers. 


I had a great time at the wine country Encuentro. 

Jonathan y Olivia, and the organizer’s assistants did a Great job. Thanks to the DJs for their dedication, tuning for the crowd’s vibes, and the temperature in the beautiful dance room.


We had unlimited food, vegetables, and fruits. Water, red and white wine  Were always there. The infection precautions were sensible and sufficient from the MD's point of watchfulness.\


I would advise you to compete for A private invitation to this event.





Jonathan and Olivia,


My favorite part about this encuentro was the fabulous music all of the DJ's provided us!  There were times near the end of the milongas that I felt my feet were speaking to me & yet the music just kept me inspired to continue.


Everyone, especially the organizers & volunteers were so friendly & welcoming throughout the weekend.





Jonathan and Olvia,


You set the tone of a wonderful Wine Country Encuentro weekend with your friendliness and generosity, wining and dining us tango addicts, and providing great music to dance our hearts out!  Thank you to the DJs, and to my dance partners for the pleasurable tandas.  Loved meeting and dancing with new tangueros, and thrilled to see familiar faces after a long hiatus.  


Thank you again.

Besos y abrazos, 




Dear Jonathan and Oliviac


Raquel and I really enjoyed our weekend at the Wine Country Encuentro.  The crowd was friendly and the flooorcraft was great.  The floor never felt overly crowded.  It's great to be able to meet with old friends and new, and dance to our hearts content.  We enjoyed the meal at the Japanese restaurant and the camaraderie around the table.  We are looking forward to attending Encuentro Poema in January.





Jonathan and Olivia,


I wanted to thank you both for inviting me to the Wine Country Encuentro.  Debra Burnham and I had a wonderful time there.  I enjoyed the dance partners and the format of the event.  It gave me ample opportunity to connect with friends and make new ones too.  My compliments to the organization.


I look forward to seeing you again at Encuentro Poema!


Brian Verstegen




Hi Jonathan and Olivia,


This is the first Encuentro that Sandy and I have attended and we had a really great time. In my book, you hit your high bar for an outstanding event.  You and Olivia were very welcoming and you and your helpers did a wonderful job of taking care of us. The other dancers were very warm and nice people, good dancers and we had many great tandas.  As you promised, the music was very good.  It is clear that the DJs worked hard in preparing special playlists.


Your Encuentro has put great memories into our hearts and we thank you and Olivia for your hard work to put it together!




Rich Groebner



Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


Congratulations for a wonderful Encuentro, and thanks a lot for inviting me.


Warmest regards,


Marcelo Solís



Dear Olivia & Jonathan,


Thank you for the fantastically fun Encuentro!  I had a fabulous time.


Your attention to detail and all your behind the scenes work set the stage for an enjoyable event for all.


I would love to sign up for Encuentro Poema in January.  Please let me know the next step...



Carol Kress



Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


Thank you so much for a truly wonderful weekend of tango embraces and camaraderie with good food and wine constantly being replenished to keep our energy up. 


Of course the piper has to be paid and I spent yesterday sleeping off and on from an achy body and sheer exhaustion aggravated by the post-adrenaline high letdown. But it didn’t keep me from smiling whenever I recall the most memorable tandas of the weekend and all the wonderful people I interacted with. 


I would consider it an honor to be invited again to your Encuentro and will look forward to attending another one. 


Big hugs,




Dear Jonathan and Olivia,


Thank you for hosting another memorable encuentro. It definitely had all the right ingredients: great location, lovely dancers, excellent music, and plenty of food! Abrazos, Robin