Wine Country Encuentro 2020                                              August 7-9, 2020



Wine Country Encuentro 2020!   
Odd Fellows Hall    
545 Pacific Avenue     
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Sonoma County

Oddfellows Hall is 7.4 miles from Santa Rosa Airport!    Fly American Airlines, United or Alaska Airlines, or

take a $35 shuttle from San Francisco or Oakland Airports to Santa Rosa.


Encuentro Organizers and Hosts: Jonathan Yamauchi

and Olivia Levitt

Wine Country Encuentro 2020!  Jonathan and Olivia's 10th National Invitational role-balanced Encuentro for advanced level tango milonguero style dancers.

Wine Country Encuentro 2020! will take place at the beautifully restored Odd Fellows Hall at 545 Pacific Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA, Sonoma County. Santa Rosa offers convenient lodging and dining, yet is just a short drive away from quaint boutique shops, world class restaurants and internationally renowned wineries and spas. The beautifully renovated and air conditioned Odd Fellows Hall offers ample free parking (50 parking spaces) men and ladies dressing rooms, beautiful hardwood floor, and a state of the art sound system.

WHEN: Friday, August 7,2020  7:00 pm -- Monday, August 9, 2020 12:30 am

WHAT: Five milongas featuring five wonderful DJs playing the best of Golden Era tango, Sunday Lunch, Friday Meet & Greet Supper, empanadas and tamales during Fri and Sat evening milongas, excellent selection of wines, Pellegrino, coffee, tea and tea time treats served throughout the weekend. 

WHERE: Odd Fellows Hall 545 Pacific Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Seating: Traditional seating - leaders and followers on opposite sides, couples and 50/50 dancers in the ends.


Jan-Henrik Schlottke - Berlin Germany

William Howell - Salt Lake City, Utah

Jae Girsham - Raleigh North Carolina

Jonathan Yamauchi - San Francisco CA


Weekend passes: $180 single $360 couples, non-transferable, non-refundable after July 1, 2020 

Please... confirm your intention to register as a 'single leader' or as a 'couple' to .


If registering as a "couple" then include the name and email address of your follower/partner on your confirming email.


If you have not received a personal invitation and registration form, please do not make lodging or travel arrangements until after we provide you with a confirmation email.

Make check payable to "Olivia Levitt" and mail to Jonathan Yamauchi P.O. Box 70683 Richmond CA 94804
Inquiries to:





Wine Country Encuentro 2020! is a private national invitational event for advance level like-minded milonguero style dancers who mindfully strive to maintain a sustained connection, a silent conversation, highest levels of consciousness, excellent navigational skills and adhere to the codigos of tango. We welcome those who are invited to enjoy three days of dancing, dining and bonding over traditional golden era tango music played by some of the best DJs in the nation.





7:00 -   8:15pm
8:30 -  12:30am 

Meet & Greet Dinner w/wine & beverages
Opening Night MIlonga, Jonathan Yamauchi


1:00 -   5:00pm
8:30 - 12:30am

Matinee Milonga, DJ: Jan Henrik Schlotte
Gala Milonga, DJ: Jae Grisham


11:00 -   12:30pm 
  1:00 -   5:00pm
  8:30 - 12:30am

 Lunch at Haku Sushi
Afternoon Milonga: William Howell
Closing Milonga DJ: Jan-Henrik Schlotte



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