Wine Country Encuentro 2019!



This is your invitation to Jonathan y Olivia's National Event for Advanced Level Milonguero Style Dancers!  



You are invited!

Wine Country Encuentro 2019!    

Odd Fellows Hall    
545 Pacific Avenue     
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Sonoma County (7.4 miles from Santa Rosa Airport) or take shuttle from San Francisco or Oakland Airports.
Encuentro Organizers and Hosts: Jonathan Yamauchi and Olivia Levitt

Wine Country Encuentro 2019! is Jonathan and Olivia's 9th National Invitational role-balanced Encuentro for advanced level milonguero style dancers.

Wine Country Encuentro will take place at the beautifully restored Odd Fellows Hall in Santa Rosa, CA, Sonoma County. Santa Rosa offers affordable lodging and dining, yet is just a short drive away from quaint boutique shops, world class restaurants and internationally renowned wineries and spas. The beautifully renovated and air conditioned Odd Fellows Hall offers ample free parking (50 parking spaces) men and ladies dressing rooms, hardwood floor, and a state of the art sound system.

WHEN: Friday, August 16, 2010 7:30 pm -- Monday, August 19, 2019 1:00 am

WHAT: Five milongas featuring five nationally renowned DJs playing the best of Golden Era Tango, Sunday dinner, Meet & Greet with sushi appetizers, empanadas and tamales during Fri and Sat evening milongas, excellent selection of wines, Pellegrino, coffee, tea and tea time treats served throughout the weekend. 

WHERE: Odd Fellows Hall  545 Pacific Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Seating: Traditional seating - leaders and followers on opposite sides, couples and 50/50 dancers in the ends.

Andy Stein Newport News VA
Jonathan Yamauchi San Francisco CA
Michelle McRuiz Albuquerque NM
Paul Akmajian Albuquerque NM
Vincent Lam Vancouver BC

Weekend passes: $165 single $330 couples, non-transferable, non-refundable after July 1, 2019 
Make check payable to "Olivia Levitt" and mail to Jonathan Yamauchi P.O. Box 70683 Richmond CA 94804
Inquiries to:


Wine Country Encuentro 2019! is a national invitational event for advance level like-minded milonguero style dancers who mindfully strive to maintain a sustained connection, a silent conversation, highest levels of consciousness, excellent navigational skills and adhere to the codigos of tango. We welcome those who are invited to enjoy three days of dancing, dining and bonding over traditional golden era tango music played by some of the best DJs in the nation.



7:00 -   8:15pm
8:30 - 12:30am



Meet & Greet w/wine, sushi & beverages

MIlonga, DJ Andy Stein


Sat 1:00 -   5:00pm
8:30 -  12:30am

Matinee Milonga, DJ: Jonathan Yamauchi

Milonga, DJ: Michelle McRuiz



12:00 -  4:00pm 

  6:30 -  8:30pm
  8:30 - 12:30am


Matinee Milonga, DJ Paul Akmajian

Dinner at Masonic Lodge
Milonga DJ: Vincent Lam



Dear Jonathan and Olivia
I am almost at a loss for words to tell you how overwhelmed we were with all you did.  The venue, the music, the food ... all impeccably planned and executed.  As someone who has organized Tango festivals, I was stunned by all that you accomplished.  Possibly the most meaningful detail, for me, was the welcoming and generous nature that you both displayed.  I felt privileged to share the weekend with you.
I found the floor craft to be very good and the dancers courteous.  Everyone was friendly and fun.  The music was very good.  The food, wine and deserts were amazing.  Congratulations on hosting an event with such a positive feeling and thank you so much for including us.
I send you both warm embraces and many thanks,
Nat (Natali)

A superb event thanks to Jonathan and Olivia, the incredibly charming and generous organizers, and the great DJs who kept the energy at a high level all weekend. Attendees from all over the country danced masterfully in close embrace, taking care of their partners and fellow dancers. So happy to be included in this amazing invitational milonguero dance event.....a truly Zen experience! Hope to see everyone back for part two in February!
Thank you both once again for a really delightful weekend which certainly surpassed any Encuentro I've attended thus far. You guys outdid yourselves!
Hope our paths will cross again in the not too distant future.....
With love and kisses,
Margaret (Sacks)
Jonathan, thank you for the lovely tandas. Can't wait to dance with you again!
HI Jonathan and Olivia,

I want to congratulate you on an event very well done.  Very well organized and you guys are very loving and caring, and the event reflected that.  Thank you.
Carlos Rojas

Hola Jonathan y Olivia,

You two are AMAZING!!!!!!!! 

Nat (Francis) and I had an incredible time at your Encuentro Milonguero Berkeley. We appreciate the hard work that you both went to. You are obviously dedicated to the endeavor of inspiring people to have the best tango experience that they can. Your attention to detail and hosting finesse was not lost on us... you are both very skilled at such talents. 

I simply can't imagine how many months and hours you put towards this event but the raft of Port Townsend participants are in awe. We hosted a festival for several years in the past and we know just how much effort is required to pull of something special. You outdid yourselves!!!!! 

Aside from the delicious meals (incredible), decadent desserts, endless beverages, fabulous music and terrific line of dance, the minutia of ensuring no one was left on their own during dinner to offering to fill up our water glasses during the milonga was, well, what can I say, nothing short of mind blowing!

We hope to see you soon again,
Much love and fondness,
Ruthie (and Nat) xoxoox  (Ruthie Phelan and Nat Natali)
Dear Olivia and Jonathan

Your Encuentro Milonguero was great! Good food, new tango friends and accompanied by fantastic music. Well, I thank you!!!  I appreciate all the hard work that took to made it happen. I had fun. Thank you for the tanda Jonathan. I enjoyed dancing with you!!!
Sincerely Liliana Tooley
Hi Jonathan and Olivia,
I'm very grateful that you invited me to be a part of your wonderful event. The hosting and entertainment were beyond compare and the event was so friendly.   
Warm hugs,
Ashvin (Iyer)
Loved the Encuentro, met so many nice people and had so many memorable tandas.
Adrienne Horton

Jonathan y Olivia, et al……….
You and your team created a heartfelt and unforgettable Encuentro/Berkeley. 
Thank you!
 Marcia Van Lieu
What an enjoyable weekend! Every tanda was exquisite with friendly, skilled leaders. I made new friends from Denver, Portland, and San Diego - and enjoyed my favorite Bay Area milongueros, as well. The dinners, dessert and wine were delicious. The location was convenient, the atmosphere intimate and the floor impeccable. I'm looking forward to the President's Day Encuentro!
Suzanna Gratz

"I had a delightful time at the Saturday afternoon milonga in the sunlit Finnish Hall, thanks to a super warm welcome from Jonathan & Olivia (who had clearly worked hard to add special touches to the event) and DJ Ashvin, and the dancing embraces of longtime tango friends visiting from Seattle & Portland. Congrats on the Encuentro Milonguero Berkeley!"
Chelsea Eng (attended Sat afternoon milonga)
Dear Jonathan and Olivia,
Just wanted to thank you again. I had a wonderful time at the Berkeley Encuentro. The venue, dancing, food and music was wonderful and I had a great time meeting new and old friends! Thank you for aligning with our overall vision of the encuentros. The seating, cabeceo, and use of the codes really enhances the quality of our dance experience overall, so thank you!
XXOO Liz (Haight)

Johnny Glatzer
You guys did one hell of a great job!
1st Class. Need I say more?

Dear Jonathan y Olivia,
My enthusiastic gratitude for the fabulous job you  did hosting the first Berkeley Encuentro.  It was a lovely, hospitable milonguero feast.  Yummy food, wine, company, music and, most of all-- dancing.  Profuse thanks for the enormous labor you devoted to making our Labor Day Week-end so memorable.
 Un abrazo milonguero, Judith (Stacey)

Jonathan y Olivia
Thanks so much for including me, especially at the last minute. You guys did a marvelous job hosting what is surely a bear of an undertaking; alas, it was a 'golden bear'! I think a good time was had by all. tanda.....
Abrazos, Kelly (Doyle)
Jonathan and Olivia

We are just back from the trip and want to thank-you for the wonderful weekend! We know so much time and effort was spent on the event and the wonderful hospitality and accommodations were evidence.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope to see you again sometime soon.
Barry L Gillaspie

Dear Jonathan and Olivia,
Our deepest appreciation for inviting us to your wonderful Encuentro. We had such a lovely time.  It was a well-planned and well-attended event with great attention to detail, reflecting much thought, care and generosity from both of you.  Heart-felt congratulations, and wishing you the best in future endeavors that promote the tango we all love.
Neri and Jeff
Scottsdale, AZ

The Berkeley Encuentro was a class act!  All details were well considered and carried out.  From great DJs to awesome food and a lovely dance floor.  Reading all the changes that will be made for the Feb 2016 Encuentro shows the caring and class that Jonathan and Olivia bring to their organizing.  The dancers were skillful and friendly.  A terrific weekend!
Sally (Churgel)

Jonathan and Olivia
Bravo!  I so understand the complexity of organizing such an event and you folks did an exceptional job.  I had a wonderful time and look forward to the next one. Congratulations and get some rest,
Richard (Cammack)

Jonathan and Olivia,
'As I entered the floor, I knew I was in the right place, the right embrace, the right connection.  Each lead and tanda was filled with newness and wonder.  I am grateful that this form of Encuentro has come close enough to me that  I could drink from the well of richness.  Thank you Jonathan and Olivia for your endless effort, offering to out tango community, your focus on details and bringing such lovely people together in Berkeley.  I look forward to more, both near and far.'

Lizbeth Hamlin

Dear Jonathan and Olivia,
I had the best weekend dancing ever at your Encuentro.  Incredible job you and Olivia did.  Took me 3 days to come down from the high of it.  We actually had a breakthrough in our dance together as a result of the good partners we danced with during the Encuentro.
Blessings to you both.
Barbara (and Dan) Baumgartner

Dear Jonathan and Olivia,
Thank you both for the wonderful job you did in creating a wonderful event last weekend.  One of the biggest things lacking at most milongas and in many festivals is the social aspect.  This was perhaps, the nicest thing about the weekend -- the opportunity to get to know dancers from all over.  And because it was milonguero style, we didn't need to worry about the nuevo dancers only dancing with other nuevo dancers, etc.  Your attention to  detail was really appreciated.  Feeding people and feeding them well, as you did, really made a huge difference in the camaraderie of the event.  Thank you for your attention to vegans, like myself.
Stuart Kandal

Dear Jonathan and Olivia,
Thank you fro the exceptional time we had last weekend at your Encuentro.  The energy at the milongas was enjoyable throughout.  In addition, your endless -- and clearly exhaustive -- attention to detail was outstanding and overwhelming.  Your Encuentro was and will always be a success because of your love for Tango, the attention you give all participants and your warm and caring personalities.
Besos y Abrazos,
Gonzales x 2 (Alberto and Enriqueta Gonzales)

Hi Jonathan and Olivia,

That was the best Encuentro ever!
I had such a great time and I think everyone else I talked to said the same thing.  From the music, to the food to the level of dancing to the friendly welcoming atmosphere, you all hit it out of the ball park and thanks to all of the lovely people who attended.  It was fabulous!
See you soon. Best regards!
Niki (Glen)

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