Tango Milonguero Style Private Lessons


by Jonathan y Olivia, tango instructors, performers and Encuentro Hosts


Jonathan y Olivia 

Private Lessons
 with Jonathan y Olivia in 
the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the
United States and Europe in your tango 
Jonathan and Olivia will be available to teach
workshops, privates, and perform from 
July 5th through July 28, 2023.
San Francisco Bay Area
Hidden City Ballroom (Sunday Workshop)
304 Washington Ave, Pt. Richmond, CA 94801

Lots of free parking!


Private Lessons by Appointment

Contact Olivia 650.834.5658


Learn the technique of dancing
in a Sustained Connection on your
forward axis while walking

seamlessly, deeply connected
in a Silent Conversation

at Highest Levels of Consciousness.

Convert your close embrace Salon
to Tango Milonguero and 
Experience the difference...

Experience Tango Milonguero




                                        "Experience the Feeling"

Jonathan y Olivia, Argentine tango instructors and performers, teach

an advanced level of body mechanics movement and technique.

Whether beginning or experienced, students of Jonathan y Olivia

receive detailed instruction focusing on the development of excellent

technique, perfecting the walk (from which all tango moves originate)

breathing, pauses, and the intimate close embrace in the apilado

(milonguero), salon-milonguero styles with particular detail to

internal and external nuances not perceptible to the third party