Jonathan y Olivia

This image shows Jonathan y Olivia in an off-axis "tent" apilado tango embrace, also known as the milonguero embrace. The tango apilado embrace of Jonathan y Olivia at The Garage 1.24.13



A dancer for over 30 years, and Argentine tango dancer since Oct 2000, Jonathan Yamauchi studied in Buenos Aires, intensely in private, with Carlos Gavito for nearly four years before his mentor passed away in July 2005. Gavito's internationally renowned sensuous and intimate close embrace style constitutes the core of Yamauchi's tango. Shortly before Gavito's death he shared with Yamauchi that "He would be a good representative of his ​style in the United States." 

Yamauchi has also studied with the following individuals in Buenos Aires: Oscar Mandagaran, Mimi Santapa, an expert on the physiology of movement and body mechanics; Yamauchi studied locally with Marcela Duran (Gavito's former partner), Susanna Miller, Alicia Pons, Monica Paz, Oliver Kolker, Yanina Messina and Genarro Perez Marino, Paulo Araujo, Nora Denzelbacher, Ricardo Viqueira, Omar Vega, Pulpo and Luiza, Luciana Valle, Ed and Corina Balmeceda, Dan Lapadula, Orlando Paiva Jr., Graciela Gonzales, Nito and Elba, Pompa and Valleria, Jorge Torres, Natalia Hills, Gabriel Misse, Claudia and Esteban, Cecelia Gonzales, Carlos Rivarola, Jorge Nel, and Gustavo Naveira.


                       OLIVIA LEVITT

Olivia's dancing is exquisite. With over 25 years of classical ballet training, she was a principal dancer in the New York Theater Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet Theater and the Oakland Ballet. Olivia has toured and performed in Russia, Venezuela, Aruba, Australia, and Canada. Her classical training gives her an astute insight into technique that allows her to create beautiful adornments and express delicacy in movement.

Olivia is master certified in Pilates and Gyrotonic, and 500 hours certified in Yoga. Olivia teaches others to utilize their body mechanics in a way that delights the eyes with sensuality and intimacy in movement and response. Olivia began her initial tango training in San Francisco with Nora Denzelbacher and Roberto Riobo in 2005. She has learned the Gavito style (Salon Milonguero) and Tango Milonguero style from Jonathan Yamauchi and has also studied with Marcela Duran, Maria Plazzolla, Susanna Miller, Monica Paz, Alicia Pons, Oliver Kolker, Marianna Dragone, Oscar Mandagaran, George Garcia, Pulpo and Luiza, and Claudia and Esteban.


Together, Jonathan and Olivia focus on teaching the physiology and fundamental technique behind their sensual and intimate movements in the tango milonguero, tango salon-milonguero and tango nuevo styles of intimate close embrace, sharing with their students the keys that will allow them to fully express their internal sensuality through the external form -- tango.


Jonathan y Olivia shown here while competing in the National Tango Championships Jonathan y Olivia


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Jonathan y Olivia in the Apilado embrace performing at Kunst Stoff San Francisco Jonathan y Olivia performing at Kunst Stoff San Francisco

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