Testimonials from the San Luis Obispo Tango Community  August 22-23 workshops

Just a quick not of thanks for your great teaching this past weekend. Every time you teach,  I learn something (many things) new!"


Thanks so much for dedicating your entire weekend to our community. You dance so beautifully and are a  wonderful inspiration to all of us. Can't wait to work on my footwork and strive to lead like you, Jonathan. Thanks again. See you soon. Maybe in your neck of the woods!


Got some great technique in the couple of workshops I was able to attend. Thanks!


Liina, please pass along my thanks to Jonathan and Olivia for all the wonderful classes, instruction, and personalized coaching. We are so fortunate to have them as visiting teachers. 

Testimonials from our Bay Area Students and from the Mendocino Tango Community

“Jonathan and Olivia teach tango from the inside out. Deep awareness of you and your partner’s relationship in time, space and motion. Nuance after nuance – not for show, but to give fuller expression for the heart of the art form. It’s a meditation, and it reveals an intimacy that persists through all the trials of learning the mystery of moving in harmony with another human being.”


Mark Northcross

I have enjoyed and benefited from several classes by Jonathan and Olivia. Their smooth sensual style is a pleasure to dance. They offer clear explanations and keep working with you until you understand the movement, which is much more than a step. I recommend their classes to anyone who desires the rich close embrace connection of tango.

Larry Sawyer 


To learn Argentine Tango Apilado style is to work with Jonathan and Olivia – so devoted to sharing their mastery of  technique and musicality coupled with compassion and respect for the learning process of each student.   I realized in no time that I had found my true connection to this magnificent dance! 


Annie Snowball

Studying with Jonathan and Olivia has helped me refine my dancing and develop a greater awareness and appreciation of the subtle nuances of close embrace tango. Jonathan and Olivia are committed teachers who place focused and generous attention on the details, technique and emotional experience of this beautiful and sensuous style of tango. Through studying the apilado style with them I have come to further appreciate the elegant, intimate and transcendent quality of tango.     

Laura Elliiot

Having just returned from Buenos Aires, Judy and I were in a unique position to appreciate the world class opportunity we have to study and work with Jonathan and Olivia right here on the beautiful Mendocino Coast. In the liniage of the great Carlos Gavito, they embody the essential heart and soul of this great Miestro. It is pure joy to invite into my dance this influence. The quality of their attention inspires in me a sense of infinite possibility, and a deep confirmation of why I love Tango.


Forrest and Judy

Many teachers teach only figures, quickly learned but quickly forgotten. Jonathan and Olivia approach tango through fundamental technique which underpins every style, building to graceful and expressive movement, in any form, whether open, close, milongero, salon, nuevo, stage, or any combination . We are fortunate to have such dedicated teachers in the Bay Area. 


Randal Crane

One private lesson had a transformational and lasting effect; the improvement in my dancing was immediately noticed by my partners. Group classes attend to details one normally would expect only in private session which made the experience particularly rewarding.

Peter Katkoff

Jonathan and Olivia are fantastic teachers! Patient, skilled, and kind - the kind of teachers anyone would love to have!


Derick "De Rock" S

I had not danced a step in decades. Jonathan and Olivia gave me the foundation to step into the milonga with confidence based solid foundation. I highly recommend these dedicated teachers.


Susan T